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Temporary Tattoos reinforce team recognition & branding!
We are a company that strives for design excellence & branding recognition.
The stronger your team or club brands itself the more visible your team or club will become.
If your team has spent $$$ on custom caps, suits & warm ups you will want to think about a custom waterproof temporary tattoo 
to seal the deal!

What’s the Mission?
What’s the Message?
The more we know about your team or club the better we work.
Pricing for original designs vary and we ask that you call us directly in order to receive a quote. 845-514-5037
Prices for Custom Waterproof Temporary Tattoos are listed below.
A minimum order of 100 pieces is required. Pre payment with a check or credit card is requested.
Design fees and shipping are not included in the prices.
Custom orders are packaged to your specifications at no additional charge.
Approximate 3"x4" tattoo pricing
500 Tattoos @ $ .52 each = $260.00
250 Tattoos @ $1.50 each = $375.00 
100 Tattoos @ $2.25 each = $225.00
What we need from you in order to do a custom tattoo;
Your team logo in 300 dpi, vector art format. 
If you have printed caps and suits you will definitely have this somewhere!

If you do not have your logo in 300 dpi ask your original designer to do it for you.

If you need H2O-Toos to do this for you there is a one time design charge of $35.00 & a one time mechanical charge of $35.00

If your team does not have a logo and you would like for us to create one for you we need to know your team colors 
(CMYK, pantones or paint chips will work)
If you have a mascot we want to know! Look at our H2O-Toos original designs on line to see if one of those works.
This was the original logo for the Anaconda Swimming Club
These are the options we presented based upon the original logo
The final choice made by the club.  One large 3"x4" tattoo with two smaller Anaconda's for the face.
The Process...
Send your art work to or
500 Tattoos @ $ .52 each = $260.00
250 Tattoos @ $1.50 each = $375.00 
100 Tattoos @ $2.25 each = $225.00